Fereydan County (Persian: شهرستان فریدن‎) is a county in Isfahan Province in Iran.The correct name is "Fereydan" and not "Faridan". The capital of the county is Daran.
At the 2006 census, the county's population (including those portions later detached from the county to form Buin va Miandasht County) was 81,622, in 20,215 families; excluding those portions, the population (as of 2006) was 54,036, in 13,549 families.
The county has one district (bakhsh): the Central District. The county has two cities: Daran and Damaneh. Reference: www.wikipedia.org

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Women's dominion clebration (Harvest festival)

Women's domini...

Women’s government celebration(Harvest feast) Afrus vaillage is in 38km west of Daran city. Product feast or women’s government celebration is one of the ceremony and festivals that they held. This feast is coincided with the harvest and usually is held 80 days after Farvardin(April)...