Shadegan (Persian: شادگان‎; also Romanized as Shādegān and Shādgān; formerly, Fallehiyeh, Fallābīyeh, and Fallāḩīyeh (فلاحیة)) is a city in and the capital of Shadegan County, khuzestan Province, Iran.
At the 2006 census, its population was 48,642, in 8,600 families. Reference:

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Shadegan Wetland

Shadegan Wetla...

Shadegan Wetland (with an area of 537700 hectares) is an environmental system comprising of fresh and saline wetlands as well as tidal gulf of Khor mousa and its islands. The wetland is located beneath Jerahi river, between the cities of Shadegan, Abadan and Mahshar in Khouzestan pro...

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