Climate : Cold
Area : 2242
Population : 42310
Sonqor (Persian: سنقر‎; also known as Sanghūr and Sūnqūr is the capital city of Sonqor County, Kermanshah Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 43,184, comprising 11,377 families. The town contains the Ilkhanate Malek tomb. The people in Songhor ...see more are of Azerbaijanian Turks origin, speaking Azerbaijanan Turkish.
Kurds are also living in the this town. The surrounding townships and villages of Koliai (kulliye) are Kurd and speak Kurdish Dialect of Kurmanji mixed with Kalhore. The most prominent historical figures of this region are from the Bigvand (Beghvand) dynasty of Koliai (Kulliye).
Family members or Ashair of Bigvand Kulliye, such as Amiri-Bigvand, Amjadi-Bigvand, Farhang-Bigvand and Qubadi-Bigvand, played an important political and religious role from a time expanding from Safavid AKA Safavi era to mid-20th century.
The most famous among these are Hasan Pasah Khan aka; Amir Toman buried in Najaf's Imam Ali Mosque. He is the father of Sardar Asharf. Sardar Ashraf Amiri-Bigvand (Beghvand) Kulliye buried in Karbala's Masjid Al-Husayn, Housain Quli Khan aka; Amir-Amjad Bigvand, Nadali Kahn aka; Salar Amjad who were the brave rulers (Amir/Hakem/Begh/beygs) of this region in early 20th century.
They are directly descended from the Safavi's dynasty. Reference:

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