Qorveh County (Persian: شهرستان قروه‎) is a county in Kordestan Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Qorveh. At the 2006 census, the county's population (including the portions later split off to form Dehgolan County) was 196,972, in 47,214 families; excluding those portions, the population was 138,470, in 33,434 families.
The ...see more county is subdivided into three districts: the Central District, Serishabad District, and Chaharduli District. The county has four cities: Serishabad, Qorveh, Delbaran, and Dezej.
Situation: It is restricted from east to the Hamadan province from the north to Bijar, from south to Hamadan and Kermanshah and from west to Sanandaj.
Its center is the city of Qorveh which is located in a large plain 93 km east of Sanandaj and northwest of Hamadan and has expanded in the direction of the Sanandaj road towards Hamadan.
In the past the seat of rule of this city was the Qaslan Village. There the governor of the times was responsible for the construction of some buildings, a castle, mosque, bath, garden and large groves.
Today, due to its distinctive geological characteristics, and mineral water springs, visitors and tourists are attracted to this city. The majority of people in Qorveh speak Kurdish Language and Azeri people speak Azerbaijani Language. Reference:

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