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Climate : Temperate
OldName : Toye hamedan، Toye rudlavar، roodavar
Tuyserkan (Persian: تویسرکان‎, also Romanized as Tūyserkān, Tooyserkan, Tūīsarkān, and Tūysarkān) is a city in and capital of Tuyserkan County, Hamadan Province, Iran.
At the 2006 census, its population was 42,520, in 11,802 families. Tuyserkan ...see more is located about 100 km south of Hamadan, in western Iran. However, it was formerly called Roud Avar.
Latter was ruined in the invasion of the Mongols and its people fled to Toy (or Tuy) village, afterwards called Toyserkan because of its proximity to Serkan (a town located northwest of Toyserkan).
The ancient hills of Baba Kamal, Roudlar, Shahrestaneh, the remains of a Sassanid city in Velashjerd, the Saljuk Dome named after prophet Habakkuk, the Safavid building of Shaykh Ali Khani School and the Qajar period’s covered bazaar, are all indicative of Toyserkan’s historical background.
Toyserkan is well known for its quality Walnut trees within Iran and the world. Its weather is mild and nice in the summer and cold in the winter, the city is surrendered by Zagros Mountains with great views and landscapes. Reference: www.wikipedia.org

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Kamar Basteh Park

Kamar Basteh P...

Kamar Basteh natural Park with an area about 15,000 square meters has tourist attractions such as historic trees which are growing together around the circle with a radius about three meters. These trees with straight stem at about 30 meters are soaring above the sky. Some experts bel...

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Tomb of Mir Razi-o-Din Artimani

Tomb of Mir Ra...

Mir Razi-o-Din Artimani is one of poets and mystics of the Safavid era. He was born in the village of Artiman in the second half of the tenth century AD. After his childhood, he travelled to Hamadan and Esfahan where the world of science and art is. Razi returned to his birthplace Art...

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Tomb of Heyquqe Nabi

Tomb of Heyquq...

Heyquqe Nabi is one of the twelve prophets. Heyquqe means to be embraced in Hebrew Language. This tomb is one of the oldest monuments of Iran. It belongs to Seljuk period in the sixth century AD. The building is octagonal-shaped tower and it has a pyramid-shaped dome with 16 gaps....

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masoudi hose

masoudi hose

Masoudi house is the name of a mansion which is located in the north side of the Toviserkan city. Museum of the culture and History of Toviserkan is placed inside this mansion. According to the inscription which is in the mansion, history of this building dates back to 1290 AH. It is ...

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Gashani village

Gashani villag...

At a distance of 25 km to Toviserkan city, there is a beautiful village named Gashani village. Gashani is a mountainous zone which has valleys, heights and gardens. Due to this feature, it also has environmental quality and picturesque views. It is said that Gashani's antiquity is ove...

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Oshtoran village

Oshtoran villa...

Oshtoran village is located between mountainous axis of Hamadan to Toviserkan, at the distance of 27 km of Hamadan and 21 km of Toviserkan. Oshtoran village has suitable context and historical places such as Hamze Khan Fortress and four remained mansions from Khans in Qajar era. This ...

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Ardalan castle

Ardalan castle

Instead of building a castle remained in the Qajar era Tuyserkan city is the geographical location and the size of one of the castle is considered rare in the province. The castle is one of the most beautiful places in the past and are important because they are one ha of infrastructu...

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Gazandar & Sarabi valley

Gazandar & Sar...


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Pea Kofta

Pea Kofta

Pea Kofta is one of the several traditional and local foods of Toviserkani people. The ingredients for 4 or 6 persons: The kernel of ham meat: 500 G Pea: 400 G Egg: 1 Hot onion: 2 table spoons Sauce: 1 tablespoon Vinegar: half of a glass Grape's extr...