Climate : Cold
OldName : Gabresh
Tafresh County (Persian: Ŝahrestāne Tafreŝ‎) is a county in Markazi Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Tafresh. At the 2006 census, the county's population (excluding the portions later split off to form Farahan County) was 46,680, in 14,313 families; excluding ...see more those portions, the population was 23,938, in 7,647 families.
The county has one district: the Central District. The county has one city: Tafresh. Tafresh hasprovided Iran with many notable figures such as poets, ministers, statesmen, scientists, calligraphers etc.
Among them are Nizami Ganjavi, the greatest romantic epic poet in Persian literature. Some scholars believe that his ancestry from his father-side was in Tafresh.
Others include Professor Mahmoud Hessaby, the father of modern physics in Iran, Ahmad Parsa, the father of Iranian botanics, Abbas Sahab, the father of Cartography science in Iran and Abdolkarim Qarib, the father of Iran's geology.
Many famous Iranians were from Tafresh, Because of this, Tafresh has received the nickname "City of Iran's Fathers". It is believed that in Sasanian times, Zoroastrianism was the state religion and was threatened by Islam, an army warrior called Delaram made a resistance force for the Zoroastrians in Tafresh.
One of the villages in Tafresh was called "Delaram" after this army warrior, however after Islamic conquest of Persia, the name Teraran was given to it.
Teraran means "The Thieves" in Middle Persian. Today there are still many remaining of Zoroastrian strongholds in and around the town, particularly on the summits of the surrounding mountains and hills also remaining of the Zoroastrians graveyards can be seen specially in Kaburan village near Tafresh. Reference: www.wikipedia.org

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