Climate : Cold
OldName : Dolat abad
Malayer County (Persian: شهرستان ملایر‎) is a county in Hamadan Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Malayer. At the 2006 census, the county's population was 285,272, in 73,755 families.
The county is subdivided into four districts: the Central District, Zand District, Samen District, and ...see more Jowkar District. The county has five cities: Malayer, Azandarian, Jowkar, Samen, and Zangeneh. The second largest city of the province, Malayer has a reputation for rug weaving and has some popular parks.
Malayer is located between Hamedan. Reference: www.wikipedia.org

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Underground City of Samen

Underground Ci...

The underground relics of Samen were discovered accidentally during a construction project 1384 (2005). This Complex has been founded on a granite bed by hand and is completely under the streets, houses, and official buildings. There have been great achievements during an eight-worksh...

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Khangholi Tower

Khangholi Towe...

Khanqoli Tower is for patriarch time and it is located in Malayer city, in Samen section. Patriarch means local Khans. At first they were Buddhists, but gradually converted to Islam. Muslim Patriarch called themselves "Sultan". The antiquity of this muddy and brick tower is dating bac...

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Imamzadeh Sam and ham

Imamzadeh Sam ...

Amamzadeh Sam and Ham is for Ghajar period and it is located in Samen city, in Martyr's cemetery. Sam and Ham are the source of this name (Samen) due to traditions they were sons of Noah who brought to Samen and have been buried here. Before the arrival of Sam and Ham Samen has been k...

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Seyfieh natural park - Seyf-o-Doleh garden

Seyfieh natura...

Safaviye Natural Park is one of the oldest and most beautiful parks in the West; it was designed and built by Seyf-o-Dole (Grandchildren of Fath Ali Shah) the governor of the province Malayer and Italian engineers. During Qajar Malayer city was a newly constructed city and it didn’t h...

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mirfattah icebox

mirfattah iceb...

mirfattah icebox or freezer is one of spectacular works of Hamadan province, which is located at distance of two km of Boroojerd-Malayer road. This domed look and brick monument considered as one of spectacular works of Qajar period in Malayer city. This icebox in the Qajar era was ...

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Gurab hill

Gurab hill

Gurab ancient hill or Tall castle in the Gurab village is located at a distance of 7 km of south of Malayer.According to archaeological studies of Patriarch, antiquity of this hill listed as fourth millennium BC.Antiquity of the objects in the Gurab hill is about 4,300 years old. In t...

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lotfalian hose

lotfalian hose

Historical Lotfalian House is a part of yardage of settlement belonging to a relative of Fath Ali Shah (Mosadeqo Al Mamalek). This house is made of 2 floors and 3 coutyards, rooms and stable. Exterior view of the house is covered with thatch and it is without windows and exterior deco...

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nooshijan  fire temple

nooshijan fir...

Nooshijan is the name of a temple and ancient castle which is located at a distance of 15 km of Malayer, Shurekat region and along the river Haram Abad. This area has a beautiful view and probably due to specific green plains, Median families have been attracted to it in the first mil...

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sap making

sap making

Hamadan city has some ordinances and traditions which are rooted in its three thousand-year antiquity. sap making is performing in most of regions of Hamadan province, especially in Malayer and Manizan townships. The antiquity of sap making is as old as grape's implant. Presence of di...