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Gerash (Persian: گراش‎, also Romanized as Gerāsh and Girāsh) is a city in and the capital of Gerash County, Fars Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 37,574, in 8,261 families.
The people of Gerash are of native Persian (Aryan) and of Zorostian origin before converting to ...see more Islam (Shia) around 11th century (5th century Hijry). People of Gerash speak Achomee Languages with Gerashi accent, a Language with 2 main branches: Nassagi (ناساگی) and Barqe-Roozi (برق روزی, commonly known as Belalizi).
Despite the high volatility in the population due to seasonal migration, the population is estimated to be at around 50,000. People: The people of Gerash were basically of ancient Zorostian and native Aryan Persian who converted to Shia Muslims in the 5th century of Hegira (11th century AD) by Amir Mohi al-Din b.
Afif al-Din al-Musawi, a direct descendent of the Prophet of Islam, and the son of Afeef-Addeen Al Musawi, to whom the conquest of certain areas in the South of Iran by Arab Muslim warriors is attributed.
It is known that Afeef-Addeen left Hijaz (in present-day Saudi Arabia) along with warriors from two tribes from Medina, namely Hawazin Bani Al-Muntafiq and Banu Tamim, and set for the conquest of the Persian South; areas that, due to their dry conditions and mountainous array, had remained immune to the Islamic conquests during the second Caliphate's time.
Prior to its conversion to Islam, Gerash was ruled by a Zoroastrian warrior by the name of Sarem Khoora (Persian). Descendants of Amir Mohyeddin today include the Saadat family of Gerash, who are commonly known by the prefix "Mir", which is a short-form for the word "Amir" (Arabic for either "Prince" or "Commander"; commander in this case).
This prefix is set in recognition of the family's ancestry, which, as outlined above, includes Muslim warriors who contributed to the Islamic conquests of Southern Persia.
Younger members of the family have generally lost this prefix. Many Gerashis have emigrated to the UAE,Qatar and other Persian Gulf countries, such as Bahrain, Kuwait, working in micro structural variety stores, manual commodity movements, confidential-exports by motorboats, and other similar professions.
Recently, migrating locations have changed to include the United Kingdom, USA, and in some rare cases Canada. Foreign passport acquirement remains the primary reason for many of these migrations.
The cost-effectiveness of Eastern Europe makes it a favorite destination for those students who have a passion for learning English. Reference:

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