Climate : Cold
Razan County (Persian: شهرستان رزن‎) is a county in Hamadan Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Razan. At the 2006 census, the county's population was 111,120, in 26,277 families.
The county is subdivided into three districts: the Central District, Sardrud District, and Qorveh-e ...see more Darjazin District. The county has three cities: Razan, Qorveh-e Darjazin, and Damaq. Reference:

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Nature Reserve of Boghrati

Nature Reserve...

Large and small and interconnected peaks have been seen in the northern part of the Hamadan province at the distance of 30 km in the West of the Razan city. These mountains raised in the vast plain called Boqrati. Wildlife habitat and Boqrati heights which are known Boqrati hunting gr...

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Ancient building of Emamzadeh Azhar-e-Bne Ali

Ancient buildi...

Tower and tomb of Ancient building of Emamzadeh Azhar-e-Bne Ali are located in the Dargazin at a distance of 5 km East of Razan city and the distance of 85 km North East of Hamadan. This building belongs to the eighth century and the patriarch period. Azhar Shrine building is made of ...

Ancient building of Emamzadeh Hood

Ancient buildi...

Ancient building of Emamzade Hood is located in Yangeh village at a distance of 3 km in the southeast of Razan and near agricultural fields. This shrine like holy shrine of Azhar ben Ali had a conical dome but because of natural and man-caused disasters in different periods collapsed an...

babanazar village

babanazar vill...

babanazar village is one of Razan's villages which is located in the West of the town. The village is the second most popular city of Razan's town. This village has a cold and dry climate. The village's crops include wheat, barley, alfalfa, beans, Grapes and apricots. The village cons...

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