Climate : Temperate
Bandar-e Gaz (Persian: بندرگز or بَندِر گَز‎, also Romanized as Bandar-i-Gaz, Bandar-i-Jaz and Bander Gaz) is a city in and capital of Bandar-e Gaz County, in Golestan Province, Iran.
At the 2006 census its population was 17,923, in 4,679 families. Bandar Gaz ...see more is situated in the south eastern fringes of the Gorgan Bay, at a distance of 20 km south of Bandar Torkaman and 48 km from Gorgan.
Before the establishment of Bandar Turkaman, this port was the most important commercial port in west of Mazandaran, semnan and Khorasan.
Bandar Gaz became an industrial center due to its location in the commercial highway in northwest Iran.
The oil-extraction, rice-grinding and cotton purifying factories were established in this town. This coastal town has interesting natural beauty and its wetlands, groves and wildlife are famous. Reference:

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