Climate : Temperate
Northern Savad Kouh (mountain) due to economic, natural and political reason did not have a constant border and had been changed during time. Recently archaeological discoveries said that the this district was one the ancient areas of Tabarestan. Some of the historians call this area as the Black Mountain, because Arabian army had been defeated so many times during the Arab invasion era in this area.
Arabian ...see more soldiers were overwhelmed by the grandeur of the mountain, because it is covered by old, tall trees with impassable road to pass.

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Palenge Laash

Palenge Laash

Palenge Laash is played at the eve of wedding party. Players sit down at a room, amongst them one sits down on the floor, rises his feet from the back of his head and touches the toes with his fingers. He is called Palenge Laash. Another person should try to take him down. If he succe...

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