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Climate : Temperate
Mahabad County is a county in West Azerbaijan Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Mahabad. Because of its strategic position and its proximity with the border the city is a stop for many travelers.
At the 2006 census, the county's population was 197,441 (100,085 men and 97,358 women), in 42,493 families. ...see more The county is subdivided into two districts: the Central District and Khalifan District.
The county has one city: Mahabad. The climate is mountainous with cold winters and temperate summers. Mahabad river flows through the capital.

According to the national 2006 census, the county is divided as follows:

Districts :Central District and Khalifan District
Cities: Mahabad
Rural Districts: Akhtachi-ye Gharbi Rural District, in Central District
Mokriyan-e Gharbi Rural District, in Central District
Mokriyan-e Sharqi Rural District, in Central District
Kani Bazar Rural District, in Khalifan District
Mangur-e Sharqi Rural District, in Khalifan District


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Saholan (Sahoolan) Cave

Saholan (Sahoo...

Saholan cave is located at 43 km of eastern area of Mahabad, between Mahabad- Boukan road. Situated in a small hill of limestone the cave has two entrances that lie at an altitude of 1,780m. Genetically, this cave is referred to the second geological era, namely Mesozoic, about 65 Ma. ...

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Ancient tomb of Bodagh Soltan

Ancient tomb o...


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Lake of Mahabad Dam

Lake of Mahaba...


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Kani Brazan Wetland

Kani Brazan We...


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Ghopi Baba Ali wetland

Ghopi Baba Ali...


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Mirza Rasoul Historical Bath

Mirza Rasoul H...


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