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The name Dezful has been derived from the two words dezj (fortress)+ pol (bridge), which in combination could stand for 'the bridge to the fortress' or 'fortified bridge'.
The original name of the city was Dezjpol, but after the Islamic invasion of Persia, the city was renamed Dezful. The bridge was built during the reign of Shapur I who used Roman prisoners of war to build the bridge. Dezful ...see more Jame' Mosque The bridge protected the city from military interventions, hence its name.
The old part of the city adjacent to the bridge is known as the Qaleh (castle). In the middle of the river, close to the bridge, you can see remains of several water mills built ca.
300 BC. Most of them were actually used up to the beginning of the 20th century. The last one was in use up to 1985. The Academy of Gundishapur, a teaching hospital that was the intellectual center of the Sassanid empire, was founded near Dezful. The people of Dezful, known as Dezfuli, Dezfoolians or Dezfulians, speak Dezfuli – a Dialect distinct to Dezful – and Shushtar, which is sometimes considered the most archaic of Persian dialects. North khuzestan was home to some of the oldest civilizations in the world.
The Choghamish hills have more than 8,000 years of treasures from different periods, and archaeologists have called on the city of dawn[where?]. Susa Zanbil temple symbolizes the people of knowledge in this area over 3000 years ago.
Apadana Palace is a symbol of the greatness of the Iranian[who?]. Shushtar waterfalls are a symbol of Iranian engineering and technology[why?]. Dezful Old Bridge is a symbol of Persian authority.
Cole Farah Izeh [clarification needed (what is this?)] symbol of nobility of the people. These attractions put Dezful Area in the list of archaeologists' main study areas. Reference: www.wikipeida.org

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Tizno House

Tizno House


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shahyun Lake ( Dez )

shahyun Lake (...

Shayhun lake (dez) Shayhun artificial lake is one of the most beautiful iran’s lakes which located in north west of dezfol and formed behind Shadab and Tangovan mountain. Existence of several small and large island with plenty of konar and peanuts tree,give a special view to the lake...

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Shevi Waterfall

Shevi Waterfal...

Shevi Waterfall Shevi Waterfall or Talezang is one of the largest and most beautiful Iran’s waterfall which located in Zagros mountains and in shevi village from dezfol town. In walking parth to Shevi Waterfall,you will encounter several small waterfalls with cold and pure water which...

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temi lake

temi lake

Temi is one of the biggest and most beautiful mountainous lakes of Iran. It is located on the west side of khuzestan and at the distance of 147km of east north from Dezfol Township, in mountainous Sardasht region. This lake is also located in a mountainous region, near boundaries of s...

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Ali Kale Promenade

Ali Kale Prome...

On the down side of regulatory dam of Dez and north side of Dezfol city, there is a beautiful and worth seeing promenade park,Ali Kale, which is one of the most important resorts of Dezfol city and even khuzestan, in spring and summer. Presence of a special place for children's play i...

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Shadab Castle

Shadab Castle

This castle with a length of almost 10 km and width of 4 km is one of the biggest natural castles of Iran. Its walls were made in forth era of geology also because of concrete and vertical rack fall of building's walls. Also erosion because of river rising is another reason. This wall...

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Dez dam

Dez dam

Dez dam Dez dam in zagros mountain in the north of khozistan,is one of the tourist attractions that accessable from Andimeshk. This dam due to natural attractions and existence of more than 6 km natural car route tunnel is one of the khozistan tourist pole,that many tourists visit the...

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Historical bridge of Dezfoul

Historical bri...

The Old Bridge of Dezful is located near the city of Dezful in South Western Iran. This bridge connects the western and eastern part of the city of Dezful. The foundation for the bridge is said to be 1700 years old and goes back to the Sassanid dynasty. The bridge was founded by the o...

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