Climate : Warm
OldName : Abarghoo, Abarkū, Abar Qū
Abarkuh County is a county in yazd Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Abarkuh. Abarkuh is a city in and capital of Abarkuh County, yazd Province, Iran.
...see more At the 2006 census, Abarkuh city population was 20,994, in 5,880 families.
Abarkuh is located at an altitude of 1510 metres (4954 feet). An ancient living cypress tree, the Sarv-e-Abarqu, is located here.

At the 2006 census, the county's population was 42,610, in 11,660 families. The county is divided into two districts: the Central District and Bahman District.
The county has two cities: Mehrdasht and Abarkuh.


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Sarv-e Abar Kuh

Sarv-e Abar Ku...

Sarv-e Abar-Kuh ("cypress of Abar-Kuh"), also called the Zoroastrian Sarv, is a Cupressus sempervirens tree in Abarkuh, yazd, Iran. It is protected by the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran as a national natural monument and is indeed a major tourist attraction with a height of 25 m...

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Bricked Yakhchal (ice storage) of Abar Kouh

Bricked Yakhch...

This Yakhchal has conical shape, which is made of clay, and its height is 20 meters. The downward diameter is almost 10 meters, there is also a hole drilled in its floor to the depth of 2 to 3 m. About 100 years ago, when climate change was not drastic and the heavy snowfall was common...

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Robat castle

Robat castle

Abarkouh County has almost 50 castles, and the most notable one is Robat castle. Robat castle belongs to Safavid period. This castle, which was once residential, has nine round towers figured with geometric ornaments. Square and diamond shapes have been figured all around the tower. ...

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Aghazadeh house of Abar Kouh

Aghazadeh hous...

Aghazadeh House is one of the most notable houses in Abar Kouh, which its unique two-floor windward is one of a kind. This house is noteworthy in terms of using the traditional Iranian architecture, it is like a central yard and its mansion is built in three directions to be used in di...

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The Jameh Mosque of Abarqu

The Jameh Mosq...

Congregational Mosque Of Abar Kouh This congregational mosque has two Qiblas. The big Qibla, which is also the primitive one, has been built in Mongolian method. The second one has been built in order to the correct the primitive one. This mosque has two altars and the most beautiful...

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solat hose  ( Museum of Anthropology abar kuh )

solat hose ( ...

Solat house is one of those old historical and cultural monuments of Abarkooh. Museum of Anthropology is located in Solat house; this house with its high and splendid portal, has beautiful stucco and stalactite work. Solat house dates back to the late Zandieh and early Qajarieh period...

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Gonbad-e Aali

Gonbad-e Aali

This building, which is made of stone, belongs to Dylamiyan period and is an example of Iranian architecture. It is one of the strongest buildings in fifth century AD and in terms of design, it is similar to those buildings in third and fourth centuries. Gonbad-e Aali is the tomb of A...

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abarkooh playa

abarkooh playa

Abarkouh playa is located at the distance of 20 kilometres of the Abarkouh County and it is considered as one the most famous deserted areas of Iran. This area is located between two mountain ranges, and Taqestan desert is situated at a little distance of it. This desert receives its ...

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Weaving carpet ( Kilim )

Weaving carpet...

yazd's handicrafts such as rug, small carpets, Kilim, Termeh (a gorgeous hand-made silk tapestry), Pottery, earthenware and ceramic are also famous. In order to find them all you need to call on bazaar. The yazd rugs have asymmetrical ( Persian ) knots with three wefts. The number of...