Deyr County (Persian: شهرستان دَیِّر‎) is a county in Bushehr Province in Iran. The capital is Bandar Deyr (Persian: بندر دَیِر‎). At the 2006 census, the county's population was 48,488, in 10,036 families.
The county is subdivided into two districts: the Central District and Bord Khun District. The county has four cities: Bandar Deyr, Bord Khun (Persian: بُردِخون), Abdan (Persian: آبدان), and Bardestan (Persian: ...see more بَردِستان). Deyr county is one of the nine counties in Bushehr Province, Iran.
It has an area of 4000 km2. Some historians believe that Deyr county was exclusively inhabited by Jews, but by years the Muslims settled in the county, plus a large proportion of Deyr county’s Jews converted to Islam during the Safavid dynasty.
The population nowadays is Muslim while the Jewish inhabitants has left the county in 1979, Persians, Arabs, Hebrews, Sumerians & Blacks are the major races in Deyr, the citizens of Deyr speaks various forms of Persian languages including Persian and the local Deyri.
The capital of the county is Bandar Deyr which is considered as prominent harbor in Persian Gulf. Deyr County is bounded by the Persian Gulf to the west & south, Tangestan County & Dashti county to the north, Kangan County and Jam County to the east. Deyr County has a climate that is mostly arid or semiarid.
The highest point in the county is Mount Drang at 1,223 m. Natural gas extracted in the county. Wheat, tomatoes, corn, and other grains are grown. There is a local Fishing industry. Deyr county includes three small towns & four villages, besides several small islands such as Khan island and it has an area of 800 hectares, Nakhilu island and it has an area of 75 hectares. Climate & Water: Deyr county has a very hot & humid summer, the temperature could reach 47 °C some times.
Mond River is the only river in Deyr county, and there is plenty of spring water. Animal & Birds: Deyr county has variant animals & birds species such as camels, deer, foxes, rabbites, owls, hawks & Flamingo, while caracals, striped hyenas, wolves & Jackels rarely can be sighted.
Mond natural reservation has an area of 464 km2, it conserve local animals and plants. Reference: www.wikipedia.org

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