Firuzabad (Persian: فیروزآباد‎ also Romanized as Fīrūzābād; anciently, Sassanid Middle Persian Ardashir-Khwarrah – اردشیرخوره, meaning "The Glory of Ardashir") is a city in and the capital of Firuzabad County, Pars Province (Persian Province), Iran.
At the 2006 census, its population was 58,210, in 12,888 families. Firuzabad is located south of shiraz. The town is surrounded by a mud wall and ditch. Alexander of Macedonia destroyed the original city of Gōr.
Centuries later, Ardashir I, founder of the Sassanid Dynasty, revived the city before it was ransacked during the Arab invasion of the seventh century. Firuzabad is situated in a low-lying area of the region, so Alexander was able to drown the city by directing the flow of a river into the city.
The lake he created remained until Ardashir I built a tunnel to drain it. He founded his new capital city on this site. Ardashir's new city was known as Khor Ardashīr, Ardashīr Khurah and Shāhr-ī Gōr.
It had a circular plan so precise in measurement that the Persian historian Ibn Balkhi wrote it to be "devised using a compass". It was protected by a trench 50 meters in width, and was 2 kilometers in diameter.
The city had four gates; to the north was the Hormozd Gate, to the south the Ardashir Gate, to the east the Mithra Gate and to the west the Wahram Gate.
The royal capital's compounds were constructed at the center of a circle 450 m in radius. At the center point of the city was a Zoroastrian fire temple 30 m high and spiral in design, which is thought to have been the architectural predecessor of the Great Mosque Of Samarra of Iraq.
(See satellite photo in the top right hand corner of the article.) The city's importance was revived again in the reign of Adud al-Dawla of the Buyid dynasty, who used the city as his frequent residence.
It is at this time that the old name of the city—Gōr, was abandoned in favor of the new. In New Persian, spoken at the time, Gōr had come to mean "grave." King Adud al-Dawla, as the story goes, found it distasteful to reside in a "grave." Per his instruction, the city's name was changed to Peroz-abad, "City of Victory." Since then, the city has been known by variations of that name, to include Firuzabad (Middle Persian Fīrūzābād). Among the attractions of the city are the Ghal'eh Dokhtar, the Palace of Ardeshir, and the fire temple tower among the remains of Gōr. Reference: www.wikipedia.org

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Palace of Ardashir Babakan

Palace of Arda...

The Palace of Ardashir Pāpakan (in Persian: دژ اردشیر پاپکان‎ Dezh-e Ardashir Pāpakān), also known as the Atash-kadeh آتشکده, is a castle located on the slopes of the mountain on which Dezh Dokhtar is situated on. Built in AD 224 by King Ardashir I of the Sassanian Empire, it is locat...

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Ancient City of Goor

Ancient City o...

Ancient City of Goor also Gour or Gur is located 100km south of shiraz, Fars Province, next to city of Firooz Abad. This city is believed to be founded during Achaemenid dynasty. It was encircled by Alexander, but because of its robust fortification and dedicated defenders he couldn'...

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Dokhtar Castle

Dokhtar Castle

At the distance of 6 km of the road between Firoz Abad and shiraz, Girl Castle of Firoz Abad is located in the foothill of a mountain which overlooks at the road. This castle which belongs to the Sassanid era is located at the threshold of Tang Ab valley and in a region that its earth...

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Pirozy Inscription

Pirozy Inscrip...

The first and the greatest projected painting of Iran which belongs to the Sassanid era and names victory painting is located at Firoz Abad township, the surrounding of Firoz Abad river, on the top of a rock stone. This projected painting is narrating Ardeshir's victory over fifth Ard...

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Taj Gozari Ardeshir Inscription

Taj Gozari Ard...

The first projected design of Taq Bostan is designed next to the small arch in years between 379 and 383 AD. This projected design which is called projected design of Ardeshir's coronation is located at the distance of 15 km of Firoz Abad. This is a famous projected design which is th...

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Kharghe Canyon

Kharghe Canyon

At the 24 km of Firoz Abad to Frash Band road, there is a canyon which is called Kharghe. This green and fresh valley of Firoz Abad township with its historical aspects has lush gardens, beautiful floor of forest and many springs besides; it is a place of pilgrimage. Due to the locati...

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Tal Haji Natural Park

Tal Haji Natur...

Tal Haji forest park is located in an area of 13.5 hectares, in the north side of Jahad Street, in Firooz Abad Township. Tal Haji is situated at the height of 15 m of Doostdaran city where the whole Firoozabad city can be seen from its unique landscape. It is also worthy of notice tha...

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