Climate : Temperate
OldName : Kabod jameh، Panjeh hezar، Kolbad، Khargoran، Ashrafolbelad
Behshahr County (Persian: شهرستان بهشهر‎, Šahrestân-e Behšahr; Mazanderani: اَشرِفِ شهرستون, Ašref-e-Šahrestun) is a county in Mazandaran Province in Iran.
The capital of the county is Behshahr. The most important towns of the county are Behshahr and Rostamkola. At the 2006 census, the county's population was 154,957, in 40,432 families.
The county is subdivided into two districts: the Central District and yaneh sar District. The county has three cities: Behshahr, Rostamkola, and Khalil Shahr. Reference:

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Baj khaleh

Baj khaleh

Ladybird is a beautiful red insect with black spots on its wings. An ancient fiction in Mazandaran says that when one takes a ladybird from the grass, bush, or farm and put it on his palm, the direction of its moving on the finger shows the future travel destination of that person! Wh...



Lachek There are traditional dressings in every part of the country, Iran. People of Mazandaran Province have their own traditional folkloric clothes as well. One of the traditional clothes of local women of Mazandaran Province is called Lachek meaning head scarf. Lachek is tied on t...