Dashti County (Persian: شهرستان دشتی‎) is one of the nine counties (shahrestans) in Bushehr Province, Iran. It has an area of 5,008 km². At the 2006 census, the county's population was 71,285, in 15,465 families.
The population is Muslim and they speak various forms of Persian languages including Farsi and the local Dashti. The capital of ...see more the county is Khormuj.
The county is subdivided into three districts: the Central District, Kaki District, and Shonbeh and Tasuj District. The county has three cities: Kaki, Khormuj, and Shonbeh. Dashti County is bounded by the Persian Gulf to the west, Tangestan County to the north and west, Dashtestan County to the northeast, Dayyer County and Kangan County and to the south, Jam County to the southeast, and Firuzabad County to the east.
Its central geographic coordinates are: Longitude: 51 10 - 52 10 N, Latitude: 28 10 – 28 45 E Dashti County has a 25 km coastline along the Persian Gulf, with a climate that is mostly arid or semiarid.
The highest point in the county is Mount Beyrami at 1,950 m. Petroleum, natural gas, lime, and stone from quarries are extracted in the county. Wheat, tomatoes, corn, and other grains are grown.
There is a local honey industry. Reference: www.wikipedia.org

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