Garmeh (Persian: گرمه‎, formerly Persian: گرمه ‎ - Garmeh) is a city in and the capital of Garmeh County in North Khorasan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 24,368, in 6,332 families. The city in the extreme southwest of the provincial divisions North ...see more Khorasan and Golestan and semnan province is located in the vicinity of the two. The city government in 2006 with the direct orders of the minister's time became an independent city. Phone or fluffy hats warm hats crafts city This hat is warm and Drq people over 45 years in the cities and the serum made from the wool of sheep, goats Vpshm.
Usually woolen cap (hat phone) quality of cashmere goats by the inhabitants of Kerman is woven. Souvenirs hot city Josie sesame Andh: It is a pancake type candy (sugar, cheese): a type of chocolate that is made from sugar Khvrndv tea. Tsmk: a candy that has a variety of pistachio Manndtsmk, helicopters and ... All of them are so sweet warm Souvenir City (Kamtvn always sweet Lbtan always Prkhndh) Crops warm city: vegetables Fruits: pomegranates, Grapes, Almonds Mulberry: Mulberry tree you see in the hot streets (God Byamrz·h Persian name things whatever the mayor says parks and trees they have planted in the hot streets) Local food warm city: Samanoo Drq: New Year spread of boiling water for wheat is produced in mid-March.
Plastic earrings (Jvshvarh paste) Pinch of local herbs and spices such Mkhlfaty .... 3 * 3 square pieces of dough into the hot prepared by the ladies Drqy and city. Smsmh: the flour and turmeric and boil .... Drqy are made by women. Reference:

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