Climate : Cold
Buin va Miandasht (Persian: بوئین و میاندشت‎, also Romanized as Bu’in va Miāndasht or Bu’ino Miāndasht, all meaning "Buin and Miandasht"; The Miandasht part of this city is mainly populated by Iranian Georgians and in Georgian Language known as Toreli) is a city in and the capital of Central District, in Buin va Miandasht County, Isfahan Province, Iran.
At ...see more the 2006 census, its population was 9,933, in 2,537 families. The city was a merger to two smaller settlements Buin and Miandasht. Buin va Miandasht includes Buin and Miandasht and Sheshjavan as the sector of city.
(Sheshjavan was a village until 1998) Reference:

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noghan waterfall

noghan waterfa...

noghan falls In qumrud or anarbar path in intersection with Isfahan-khuzistan tourist road, ther is a historic bridge known as noghan bridge. Along the river to the north, there is a beautifull bushfires which attract lots of tourists. This waterfall got it’s name from historic nogha...

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