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Sirjan County (Persian: شهرستان سیرجان‎) is a county in Kerman Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Sirjan. At the 2006 census, the county's population was 239,455 in 58,253 families.
The county is subdivided into two districts (bakhsh): the Central District and Pariz District. The county has four cities: Sirjan, ...see more Zeydabad, Najaf Shahr, and Pariz. At 1730 m, it is situated in a depression between the southern Zagros mountains to the west and the Kuh-e Bidkhan massif to the east.
It is well known for its Pistachios and "Geleem" rugs and also for its Badgiir Choppoghi (calument louver). This city was established in the Sasanian era and has several mineral sources including coal, iron, copper, stone and gold. Today the city is witnessing great economic growth mainly due to its industrial sector as well as its key location in the heart of south Iran.
With established strategic roads for domestic supply of goods as well as great access to Bandar E Abbas for exportation of goods. Sirjan singh is known as the famous boy of the world who lives in Singapore Reference: www.wikipedia.org

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Bagh-e Sangi Bolourd

Bagh-e Sangi B...

Sirjan blord stone garden A hexagon garden with hundreds of fertilized trees,but this garden trees consist of dried bough and rocks which are hanging from trees foliage. Each single trees of this garden was plantred with hands of a dumb and deaf old man who’s name was darvish khan, ...

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Sarmashk mountain

Sarmashk mount...

Sarmashk mountain Sarmashk mountain is one of the most unique natural and historic attractions of Kerman province,in the east of sarmashk village. Dandaneh henza peak is one of important heghts of this mountan which located in west of henza village and about 3650 meter height. This m...

Tomb of Shah Firooz

Tomb of Shah F...


Kafe Namak (salt) Sirjan

Kafe Namak (sa...


Pipe windcatcher

Pipe windcatch...

Chopoghy windward Windwards are of the symbols and manifestations of Persian civilization and medieval travelogue writer,have been written about desert ,hot and dry cities more. Chopoghy windward is the only different windward than the other windwards around the world from architect...

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Castle Rock

Castle Rock

Castle Rock is a large stone as a fortress impregnable fortress Sirjan Napzyz a myriad of historical events is gone. Stone castle with beautiful stone pulpit and his artistry in 789 AD. Ah. The rock is formed of a fabric that is very interesting and exciting. In fact, the military c...

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