Climate : Cold
OldName : Adrapana ، Adrbeneh
Asadabad County (Persian: شهرستان اسدآباد‎) is a county in Hamadan province, Iran. The capital of the county is Asadabad. At the 2006 census, the county's population was 104,566, in 25,167 families.
The county has one district: the Central District. The county has one city: Asadabad. Reference: ...see more

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Protected area of Khang Ramz

Protected area...

Khang ramz cone peak with a beautiful view and a height of 2853 meters from sea is located at a distance of 34 km in the west of Toviserkan and also southwest of Alvand Mountains. It has created a wonderful landscape. This area has high cliffs and these cliffs which they have rough an...

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Inscription and dam of Aqa Jan Balaqi

Inscription an...

At a distance of 15 km of the northwest of Assad Abad city, in the valleys of the western part of the Monfared Almabelagh Mountain which is one of the mountainous, snowy and impassable terrain; remains of dam and historical inscription have been found. This place is located in paralle...

Soltani mosque

Soltani mosque

This mosque is located in the Market Assad Abad neighborhood. It was considered one of the oldest mosques in Assad abad. Nowadays they have destructed the old Mosque and have built a new one with a rectangular shape. The current importance of this building is its inscription which was...

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Golestan bath

Golestan bath

This bathroom is located in Karvansara neighborhood. This building is called Market Old Bathroom, Golestan Bathroom also Haji Khan Bathroom. There were hot and cold water pools in this bathroom. It opened to the hexagonal yard which seems that its sides are equal. This enclosure has a...

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sheykh alikhan safavi water storage

sheykh alikhan...

Sheikh Alikhan Safavi water storage is the second ceiling reservoir and also a rare example of reservoirs in Iran. It is located in Assad Abad city, in a neighborhood called water storage. According to the architects this neighborhood was called Karvansara in the past. This name has b...

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