Ramhormoz (Lurish: روومز – Rümez; Persian: رامهرمز; also Romanized as Rāmhormoz and Rām Hormuz; also known as Rāmuz) is the capital city of Ramhormoz County, khuzestan Province, Iran.
At the 2006 census, its population was 49,822, in 10,966 families. In ancient times it had been known as Samangan, having been established during the ...see more Sassanid period, although an Elamite tomb has been found as well.
The historical territory of Ramshir is located in this area, only 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) away from the city. The residents of the city are primarily Bakhtiari. Reference: www.wikipeida.org

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Mamatin Tar Springs

Mamatin Tar Sp...

In Mamatin region, at a distance of 25 km from east north of Ramehr Maz, there are many springs which tar is coming up of them naturally. These 10 tar springs are like bakery oven. They are made of stone and mortar. These springs are located on both sides of a water-less ravine. A bla...

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Firing Tashkouh Mount

Firing Tashkou...

Tashkouh is one of the wonderful places in Iran country. The experts of geology say the reasons for flame of Atash kouh are the presence of sulfur in earth and ascending of natural gas from depth of earth to the surface. The interesting point is that because of the presence of rising ...

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mamatein village

mamatein villa...

mamatein village is a tourism village which is located at the distance of 36 km of east north from Ramehr maz. The presence of boiling Pay Ghad spring which has bubbled from depth of earth and also Tash kouh attracted the primitive oil explorer's attention. The first exploratory oil w...

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Dimeh Protected Area

Dimeh Protecte...


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