LULLUBI bas-reliefs There are some bas-reliefs in Sar-pole Zohab known as the oldest bas reliefs of Iran all are carved on the cliffs. The most famous one among them is called Anubanini bas-relief which archeologists Date to twenty-second century BC On entrance to Sar-pole Zohab from Kermanshah it is seen on the eastern cliff facing the city.
There are two bas-reliefs on high one above the other. The upper one depicts Anubanini, ruler of Lullubi tribes whose territory was in Zagross Region in the north of that of Elamits.
Anubanini faces goddess Inane (Ishtar) and receives from her the royal diadem. The King wears a hat and carries a sword in his right hand while his left foot is placed on the body of a vanquished naked enemy.
The goddess hold a rope in her left hand attached to two kneeling, naked prisoners, while six other naked and bound prisoners walk in line are shown in a panel beneath the figure Of the ruler There is an Akaddian inscription by the side of prisoners in which Anubanini Explains that this bas- relief was made by his command as the king of Luluboom and then ...see more he asks Mesopotamian gods such as Baal, Shamash, etc to protect him and to those who want to hurt his bas-relief.
An eight-pointed star within a circle (symbol of Ishtar) is carved between the ruler and the goddess. The gesture of Anubanini with a foot on a defeated enemy, presence of prisoners in the scene and existing of inscription by the bas reliefs all are the cases that Darius accepted from this bas relief and used in his at Bisotun 17 centuries later.
There are three other bas-relieves of Lullaby rulers at sa-pole sahib .In all of them the ruler holds a weapon in his hand while an enemy is shown under his foot.
One of above-mentioned bas-reliefs is seen behind Anubanini figure beneath a natural cave and two others are on the other side of river on the western cliff and can be reached by the bridge.
Below the bas- relief of Anubanini is a very badly damaged Parthian relief of Goiters With two inscription in Arcadia Pahlavi beside it.



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