Iranian Turkmen or Torkaman are a Turkic people the Branch of Turkmen or Torkaman people living mainly in Northern and Northeastern of Iran Famous to Turkmen Sahra Includes parts of Golestan, and small part Razavi Khorasan and North Khorasan.

The Torkaman tribe in Iran, mainly coming from Turkey and having settled in Iran, also has a distinct and special dress. The Torkaman dress in Iran for the women consists of a long dress with a long open robe.
Torkaman women generally use a face-covering with other part of cloths. This can be in the form of a cloth that the woman ties behind the ears and hangs just under the nose.
Clothes tend to favor rusty and earthy colors, such as deep reds and dark browns. The men’s ...see more outfits also consist of solid-colored tunics and trousers.

Ashoura Island

Ashoura Island

Ashuradeh only island in the Caspian Sea. This feature is always friendly and green north Iranians, Ashuradeh into the spotlight tourist authorities. Iran is now called ecotourism Ashuradeh key terms in the literature. Ashuradeh or dry part of the peninsula between the island nation...

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