2. Anar citadel Magnificent anarcitadel with 11 thousand square meter located over a hill and in Anar City Center which belongs to sassanid and indicated that this citadel was al local government center in Sassanid period and even before them.
Anar citadel composed of one storey and two storey buildings. Space of one storey which located mainly in the periphery has housing and serving usage.
These building which infact counted as predominantly public of citadel are including services spaces such as stables,barn and residence of certain categories of social and servant and retinue places.
Two storey building s located in the center of citadel which was government seat and political center and ancient excavation may help to recognizing the detal of this citadel.
Anar citadel rebuilt and reused after Sassanid periods,specially in safavid




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