One of the most precious objects of archaeological artifacts zivieh is valuable treasures. The objects were found in a bronze casket and buried the corpse with them certainly.
In the seventh century BC, the land was owned at the time of the Allied Manayy maady and the Assyrians. After declining Manayy, Skayyha were residing there.
On the surface, the treasure of zivieh "Guriki" Skayy princes of the Assyrians, and is composed of objects with very diverse styles, Urartians, maady, etc.
Skayy. Especially ornamental Assyrian tablets made ​​of gold and ivory is significant. Assyrian ivory plates that mimic other objects reign is among the Asar Hadun made ​​in local workshops.
The main components of this treasure is Orartui. The empire in the second half of the ninth century BC around Lake Van in the south of the lake was created, and later expanded to the Black Sea.
Plaques and statues decorate the chest and shields is the keeper of such objects are obtained. Although the details of the Assyrian shields Orartui can be more open to Assyrian shield.
Eagle and decorative gable ends that sentence is completely ...see more Orartui aspect. Skayy objects that are quite good accuracy and tolerance abound. Famous of all is a big plate silver gold plated with specific motifs in Skayy is decorated with concentric circles.
Of the plate close to the seventh century BC believed. This ornament is evidence that trade flourished in this period had And especially at the time this was willingly Dispersed and disparate objects that create a unified and harmonious whole.

Pistacia atlantica

Pistacia atlan...

Pistacia atlantica is a species of pistachio tree known by the English common name Mt. Atlas mastic tree and as the Persian turpentine tree. In Iran it is called Baneh. In the Canary Islands it is known as Almacigo, and in Arabic, it is called بطم (buṭm or buṭum). In southern Iran, in...




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