This covers an area of nearly one hundred and eleven thousand acres, and in the year 1971 has been declared, protected area. The protected area and wildlife sanctuary is located in mountains area of Zagros, in North West of Iran. This area is located in the south west of Zanjan province.
Angoran wildlife sanctuary has a variety of vegetation cover, shrubs, bushes, broad leaves and millet. According to studies, there are 29 species of plants and shrubs, 96 types and 46 species of grasses, and broadleaf, in the study area also, 33 species of mammals, 107 species of birds, 23 of reptiles, 8 of fish, 7 of amphibians and 78 species of soil insects from the wild life of this area. It is worth noting that mammals in the area include sheep, goat, pig, bear, wolf, fox, jackals and rabbits.
Some native aquatic birds never migrate such as Ruddy Shelduck, Common Shelduck and Coot. Some duck, black stork, flamingo, swan, Crane, and pelicans are among other migratory birds that have great importance.




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