.Hill tribe (or dunes) in East Azerbaijan
Hill tribes in the exact geographical position 50 ° 48 'east and 35 degrees 48 minutes north and northeast of the city of Tabriz, East Azerbaijan province.
Hill tribe called the desert hills near the city of Tabriz, textured geographical area are very different.
Desert area northwest southeast direction, and within a little salt. Small isolated sand dunes in this area has been seen that the attention of tourists.
This area is normally due to the accumulation of dirt and dust winds through the sand dunes in the area.
Winds in the South West to North East and vice versa causing the sorting (screening) of the particles. Wind energy is fixed in such a way that causes the particles to move Qvmtph and coarser particles in the aggregate and sand dunes created.
The reason for the hills at certain days and certain hours of the Sufis, or vice versa, in the same Nhth. Qvmtph sand dunes have been formed over thousands of years and the little area.
Geotourism promoted in this area. Or send a ...see more student tours to the area, useful information regarding how the sand dunes of the desert and placed at their disposal

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