The Cave Castle
The cave is about 140 km southwest of the city of Qazvin in the castle village is situated at an altitude of 2064 meters above sea level.
The mouth of the cave, and to the southeast is semi-circular in shape and height of 8 meters and a width of 9 meters.
The cave with a walkway to the entrance hole is perpendicular to the main atrium, leads, and after passing through the entrance hole, stalactites and stalagmites in a space that has a thick columns in different colors, like.
The main hall of the cave that leads to the atrium and its branches is a masterpiece of nature and pendants lime some parts of the ceiling to the floor of the cave is drawn.
The cave's floor area is made small blue and white lime stone beautiful, attract the attention of every visitor.
It dates back to the cave Oligomiocene and Tertiary geology is estimated that up to forty million years ago.
Seen on the walls of the cave wall paintings that show that these early humans have been living in a cave in the past.




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