dez dah waterfall is located at the distance of 3 kilometers in the west side of Darvishan village in Mazandaran province.
This Waterfall is one of those cascading waterfalls of the area and its basin has a great depth. It falls down between two rocky cliffs in the height of 5 meters and its rocky basin is higher than 15 meters.
Half of the waterfall’s route is between the farmlands and meadows, and another half is among the forest with broad-leave trees. Darvishan Vilage is one of the environs of Hezar Jarib District in Neka Township.
Sekille is among the waterfalls of the district with a great height and it pours down from a bulging cliff.



People usually have their traditional clothing and dresses in every country. Local people of Mazandaran Province in North of Iran have had their own traditional colthings as well. One of them which women wear is called Nim Taneh or Jelizgheh. It is a Waistcoat which women wear espec...




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