This temple that is sometimes church, is related to safavi`s period. Espakhou Fire Temple is one of the oldest structures in Iran's North Khorasan province.
It is located 65km from the road Ashkhaneh to Golestan. It was recorded as one of the national monuments with registration NO 1579, in 23th of January on 1978.
The architecture of this building has been inspired by the combination of dome and portico. This combination has an historical reputation in Islamic period.
However another theory of this architecture modeled on famous elephant`s foot.
In fact, this temple is the most persistent ancient monument of pre-Islamic centuries. In yesterday`s vast Khorasan, north and South Khorasan, and razavi, which is so important in term of history.
Although Espakhou temple is known as church, the holes in the ceiling for smoke to exit, makes it likely to that temple made by Zoroastrians. Around the building and the Espakhou village, there is a cemetery on the hills, in which the burial procedure completely differs from ...see more Muslims.
They are buried in the family grave. According to the experts, the evidence suggests that, certain groups of Zoroastrians lived in this vast area, and this enormous structure relates to them.
One important feature of this building is the form of entrances. This entrance consists of two parts; vault and base. Vault looks like a semicircle located on two basic pillars, and the diameter of the semicircle is more than width.
This form is called key ring-shaped arches. Examples of this form can be seen in Solomon throne Palace, the palace of Ardeshir, in Firooz abad and Kasra Palace in Iraq.
But the Sassanid architecture can is evident in this building. This temple has remained due to proper work of Iranian architecture, centuries before Islam.
Although the temple has special features it has not yet found its actual position in other famous works. In addition, in foothills and highlands of Espakhou village, there are some small and big valleys; most of them have fresh water springs that flow to the garden and rural farms.



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