Location and History Functions of the province is the city of Karaj Asara village with geographical coordinates 51 degrees 23 minutes east longitude and 36 degrees north latitude and 5 minutes at 75 km and 115 km northeast of the city of Karaj, Tehran.
Larak mountain village in the south and south-east of the mountains of Dizin is limited. The village is about 2460 meters above sea level and the climate is cool and Vhstany.
The climate is mild and pleasant spring and summer and cold winter. There is a village in the southern province raging river. Village in the province of good summer weather and the beauty and history of the Qajar been a long history.
Village in the province of the Persian Language and speak the local Dialect, Shiite Muslims and followers of the parsley. Settlement and subsistence patterns Based on the 1375 census villages in the province has a population of 1173 in 1385 to 1000 has decreased.
Most of the villagers' income from activities livestock, fruits and honey production are ...see more provided. Apple, cherry, pear, cherry Vgrdv and dairy products such as milk, yogurt, buttermilk and whey products, horticulture and livestock in rural areas.
Branch intermountain region of the province is rural and residential dense tissue. Is to reduce the population of the village in winter and spring, but with an air of moderation, increases.
Most rural house with thick walls and ceiling in a flat floor and roof are made. The main materials used in it include stone, cement, plaster and the timbers.
Beautiful summer villas in the province of land, which is a special summer appears to have been given to the village. Tourist Attractions Alborz mountain village located in the province of water and clean air, beautiful landscapes and nature is intact.
Spring water, vast plains and valleys green and pleasant climate and beautiful province, the village has a special attraction. The main source of Karaj river flow around the village and surrounding areas provide substantial grounds lush and refreshing.
Lush fruit orchards and dense vegetation and rich and fertile land have double attraction of the village. Types of animals like the jackal, wolf, fox, rabbit, sheep, sheep, antelope, wild boar, bear, partridge and pheasants live in and around the village.
International Dizin resort is one of the major attractions of the province's rural areas. The resort is located 60 km from Tehran and a height of about 3800 meters above sea level.
Dizin has 23 ski lifts in the course of three trap cabins, seven Ski Lift and elevator bike. This resort is a variety of educational and recreational facilities such as tennis courts, volleyball, children's playground and a ski resort is on the grass.
Dizin is suitable for hiking and riding and has excellent accommodation and restaurant is beautiful and well equipped. Village people like other people of the province, national and religious holidays New Year ul-Fitr and Milad prophet with a special ceremony to celebrate the joy and died during the Imams in their mourning.
The village folk songs in the village folk songs in Dialect to Dialect Mazandaran Mazandaran and Gilan is common at weddings and other celebrations are played and sung.
Men's clothing is often the province of jackets, pants, shirts, hats, shoes, and women in the tent, coat, scarf, head scarf, pants and other conventional coating used to wear.
The most important souvenir of this village variety of fruits, nuts and dairy products. Of the most common foods in the village can be a variety of kebabs, vegetable soup and local foods noted that the mountain and the village cook their products.
Access via a mountain road and beautiful village in the province Branch - Branch is available.
Soleymaniyeh Palace ( Sulaymaniyah Palace )

Soleymaniyeh P...

Soleymaniyeh Palace in Karaj was built during the reign of Qajar king Fathali Shah....

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Karaj Dam ( Amir Kabir Dam )

Karaj Dam ( Am...

Amir Kabir dam, also known as Karaj dam, is a dam in Iran, located 63 kilometres (39 mi) northwest of Tehran and 23 kilometres (14 mi) north of Karaj. Amir kabir Dam was constructed on the Karaj River, and was the first multi-purpose dam in Iran. The initial studies for Amirkabir Dam t...

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Chalus Roads ( Kandovan Road - Road 59 )

Chalus Roads (...

Road 59, also known as the Chalous Road or Chalus Road or Kandovan Road, is an important road for people of Tehran, a large number of whom drive to popular tourist attractions in the north of Iran on weekends and for holidays. This road is one of the busiest roads in Iran. Chalus Roa...

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Khor Waterfall ( Khur Waterfall )

Khor Waterfall...

Khor or Khur waterfall is a beautiful waterfall , near Khor Village , 15th Km Karaj to Chalous and it is a 30m height waterfall in Central Elburz mountains. It is accessible from Karaj Chalous road. There is also a smaller seasonal waterfall adjacent to the main waterfall which runs...

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Shor River ( Abharrood - Abhar's river )

Shor River ( A...

Abharrood (meaning Abhar's river) or shor rood is a river in Iran that runs between Abhar and Qom. this vicinity is within the limits of the eastern face of Garah Daq Mountains, in the rural area of Sajas, taking its source 30 km north east of Qeydar. In addition to smaller tributari...

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Karaj's Shah Abbasi Bridge

Karaj's Shah A...


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Shah Abbasi Caravanserai

Shah Abbasi Ca...

Shah Abbas the Great built a system of 999 caravanserais in Persia,dates back to Safavid Dynasty and its importance is from cultural, historical and architectural point of view and Each Caravanserai is approximiately 30-50 km from the next. Some old buildings such as cistern, und Chapa...

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Arangeh village

Arangeh villag...

Arangeh is a beautiful village in Adaran Rural District, Asara District, Karaj County, Alborz Province, Iran. Arangeh, the village located in the Alborz Mountain range north of Tehran. At the 2006 census, its population was 136, in 46 families. Arangeh is located in the Alborz Mountai...

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