Palangan lagoon and Lapoo lagoon and Zaghmarz lagoon are located in the southern Caspian Sea coast on the northern side of Iran . The lagoons separated from Caspian Sea by a 1-2 km wide beach ridge, extend East-West for about 9 km and are 800m wide.
The average water depth is 2.5 m, while the maximum depth is less than 6m. The lagoons exhibit strong seasonal variations of temperature (ranging from 3°c in winter to 39°c in summer) and salinity (between 9 and 27psu).
The presence of Gorgan gulf along the southern coast in this region to discharged important role for information of lagoons. Two main Holocene aeolian units are recognized along the southern Caspian Sea coasts.
Mid-Holocene dune belts formed by beach progradation during a relative see level highstand.
Detailed facies characterization, based upon sedimentology and geochemical, allows reconstruction of the depositional history of these lagoons during the late quaternary.
The late quaternary evolution of coastal systems in the southern Caspian Sea region has been shown to be controlled mostly by relatively sea level changes.
Palangan is a valley located ...see more in the south of the city, separated by a mountain. From the City Center, Palangan is a 45 to 60 minutes trip.
The valley is especially popular in spring and summer and is a wonderful promenade for people who live in this part of the world, especially during the 13 be-dar ceremony.
Palangan means "panthers"; in the past, many Iranian tigers lived in the region, but today only a few remain. The spring of the stream that flows through the valley is named Besher and is located two hours from Palan

Baj khaleh

Baj khaleh

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