Agha Gol house is in the historic center of the city(Natanz) that was built during the Qajar era.This house was belongs to Agha Gol that former lord village and Now given to the municipality by the heirs Agha Gol
The building has a central courtyard structure and three sides are built around a yard The main side contains the alcove and double rooms are located side by side, which is part of the northern courtyard
The south side contains the barn, caretaker rooms and space for keeping the animals, therefore availability space and staircase are located on the west side yard
The space under the ground floor is basement which is fully consistent with structure upstairs that below formed alcove space.
Basement of area is one hundred square meters It is noteworthy’ there is side view of the skyline in the main building
In this building along the axis X, this side has been diversity That shows arches format which fields are separated .
Two adjacent rooms on each side of the alcove room, both characteristics is a form Tlsyan.
Despite expect identical confluence in terms of communication, one of these spaces associated three ...see more aperture with arches form with the main space and the side room on the other side of the alcove is no internal connection and connection with this space only possible from the yard
One of the unique feature of this building is dual approach to its environment in this side basement and building floor are aligned which makes visual and physical connection is established around.
In this side basement and building floor are aligned which two floors have effects that look like garden
This historic home has been registered in January 2005 on the list of monuments.
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Mehrdad Labbafi

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