Turnip cabbage Aash

Kalam Ghomri Aash (Toysirkan) for 4 persons
Required ingredients :
Whey (Kashk): 200 gr.
Lentil: 60 gr.
Split pea: 60 gr.
Wheat grout: 100 gr.
Meat or bone water: 1 measure
Minced meat: 150 gr.
Fried Onion: 3 soapspoons
Salt, pepper and turmeric: in a required amount
Garlic: 3 singles
Fried mint: in a required amount
Cut peeled and washed turnip cabbage to form cubes or triangle and fry it completely with a little oil
and turmeric in order to remove its bad smell.
Wash soaked grains with wheat grout , pour it in a pot
with meat or bone water or juice,  add some water and place it over high heat , once it is boiled, add
turnip cabbage and cook it over medium heat ( turnip cabbage is cooked later than Potato and lentil.
Add minced meat which had been fried and cooked with black pepper and turmeric before into Aash,
let Aash to be thick. Once all ingredients are completely cooked, fry half of the fried onion with garlic
and pour it  alongwith half of whey(Kashk) into Aash and let it to be boiled for 20 minutes.
cabbage  Aash ...see more should be cooked as its ingredients to be seen and soften a little. At last, serve it in a
dish and design it with Kashk, fried mint, a few pieces of minced meat and some cut turnip cabbage
and fried onion.
In ancient Greece, cabbage was considered a drug for treatment and youth. Turnip cabbage
prevents from lung and pancreas cancer. It is effective for removing of kidney stone and enriched
with A,B,C & B6 vitamins, mineral materials such as Calcium, potassium, iodine and Magnesium.
nature is warm and lenient. It is effective for the growth of nail and hair due to having Brimstone and
calcium. We recommend this Aash for children due to its affluent properties.

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