Afjeh is a village in Lavasan-e Kuchak Rural District, Lavasanat District, Shemiranat County, Tehran Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 685, in 186 families.
Afjeh is located in Lavasanat region 27 km away from Tehran. The village is connected to Lar general area from North East. Most of the residents are farmers or engaged in animal husbandry.
The nomads of Lar area come to this region for animal husbandry in some seasons of the year. On the way to Afjeh gorge, one can see some barns for keeping the cattle.
From among the historic attractions of the village mention can be made of an old public bath which dates back to the Safavid period and is still used.
This village is one of the starting points for those who want to climb to the 3200-meter high Saka mountain peak and other neighboring heights.
Dashte Havij or the plain of carrots is one of the most beautiful attractions of this village that is 2400 meters above sea level. According to some historic evidence a great section of the lands in this plain were used for planting and growing carrot.
Tday, however, ...see more none of such farms can be found in this plain and farmers use the lands to cultivate other crops. There can also be found some gardens full of cherry trees.
Dasht-e Havij is a proper place if you want to climb to high peaks of Qolle Rizan (3650 meter), Parsoon (3100 meter), Atashkooh (3850 meter), and Mehrchal (3920 meter).
The plain hosts the visitors with profuse greenery in early summer and a silent snow sea in winter.
It will be also very interesting for tourists and travelers to see the attractions of the intact regions of the north valley of Afjeh. Thousands of tourists visit the valley during all the seasons and many mountaineers use its trails to reach high mountains of the region.
Remnants of a Safavid Caravanserai can be seen around the village beside magnificent waterfalls on its way.

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